Minimising life’s impacts and setting yourself free by organising your lifestyle into a successful business and help others along the way is what Victoria Glover is passionate about. She is a determined advocate for growth in individuals and small businesses, helping them achieve the transformational results they set for themselves and their businesses. Victoria pride herself on keeping her clients on course and focused on their main aim of the game to guide and mentor them to achieve even better results.

Victoria is a real motivator of Individuals and businesses and uses her experience and skills gained from life and 25+ years of working across many industries and 15 of those years in Retail, as well as running her own businesses for the benefit of her own clients. Most importantly, she will ensure you receive the most appropriate and relevant advice tailored to your needs to help you grow and develop your team, your processes, and ultimately, your results.

“All too often I come across business owners and individuals who follow the advice or feedback from their friends/acquaintances and many more, who have no detailed knowledge of the actual issues impacting their businesses. This has often led to very unsatisfactory outcomes. Working with VKEYSS Business and Growth, we have cost effective tailor-made strategies, resources and tools designed to help Australian businesses and other businesses around the world achieve their goals”.

Victoria grew up in a family small business environment, so she understands how the pressures involved in operating an SME’s impacts directly on the owner’s family and financial wellbeing. Her personal summary comprises:
1. 25 years working experience and 15+ of those in Retail
2. Founder and Founding Partner in her Business Advisory company
3. Married for many years to her best friend
4. Former Athlete and Tennis lover
5. A Behavioural Science Student

Victoria has a well-rounded SME understanding and knows what it takes to plan for success and then DELIVER on those plans. She keenly focuses on the balance of profit vs. risk and the need for cash flow management-the life blood of business viability-all the while aiming to achieve and maintain a balanced personal lifestyle.

The additional Intellectual Property and Resources now available to me via VKEYSS Business and Growth means my clients can really learn to “fish for themselves” but still feel comfortable knowing a guiding hand is there holding them accountable.

45 minutes
BUSINESS breakthroughs

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